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In Lemonade Land, we come together to share trials and tribulations and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit of to rise above.

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The Treasure You Seek

with Damian Washington (Part 1)

After being featured in over 30 commercials for brands like McDonald’s and the NFL, Damian Washington‘s vlog still wasn’t picking up traction. What made his vlog go from a few crickets to THOUSANDS of viewers?

Find out in Part 1 of this two-part episode as Damian and host Kaley Zeitouni bond over their shared experience having multiple sclerosis (MS) and facing serious challenges. Together they make a hilarious and wholesome pair that will send you laughing, crying, and wanting more when it’s done!

Lemonade Land with Damian Washington

Season 1, Episode 4    |    1hr 20min

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