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To Live Another Day

Remy Blumenfeld on Facing Death

In his thirties Remy was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, from which he recovered. This brought him an awareness that a human life-span of 83 years is only 1000 months. It also prompted him to follow his calling as a coach and mentor.

He specializes in sectors fueled by innovation and creativity, including Arts and Culture, media, television, film, fashion and advertising. His clients include directors of national arts organizations, worldwide ad agencies and a wide range of entrepreneurs.  His specialty is helping founders to build, grow and sell in an uncertain and crowded market.

Remy has been featured in the New York Times, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Drum, Broadcast, The Hollywood Reporter, Monocle and Forbes for whom he now writes a bi-weekly column on Leadership.

Remy Blumenfeld

Season 1, Episode 7    |   1hr 8min

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