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By the time you read these words it will be about a week into 2022…and if you are anything like 90% of the population, you’ve already gone back on your new year resolutions. And that’s OKAY! New year resolutions are actually not the most effective way to achieve health and wellness. It turns out that setting goals like new year resolutions is an invitation to the subconscious to find ways to defeat you. This may sound counterintuitive because we live in a society that is all about setting goals and pushing yourself to reach new heights and milestones, month after month, year after year.

Don’t get me wrong, developing yourself, transforming physically, mentally, even financially, is all fantastic! We should all be growth-minded if we want to truly feel alive. But if you truly want to see a change in your life, then you deserve to know how your mind works so that you can set yourself up for success.

Our subconscious resists change even though we may love new experiences. New experiences are how we grow, love, and learn. Want to know what your mind and body LOVE that your subconscious doesn’t even notice? INTENTION.

People are more likely to see change in their lives based on setting an intention rather than a goal with a deadline. Your body likely doesn’t appreciate goals because they create too much pressure. Your body wants to move in sync with you and nature. Yes it wants to be healthy so it probably would love to lose the 50 pounds. But think about it… How do you feel when you say “My goal is to lose 50 pounds this year.” Personally, my breath feels constricted and my heart starts to race…honestly it makes me crave carbs. The opposite of the goal! Plenty of people will try this exercise (insert the goal that is fitting for you) and tell me they feel fine saying it. Take a deep breath, get centered, and say the sentence again. And be honest.

Now try a statement like “My intention is to make nourishing food choices.” Again, choose what fits for you, but make it loving and positive towards yourself. Feel how it feels to say that. Much better right? Notice the ease of that statement.

The body LOVES intention. Our cells want to align with our intentions and they listen to every word. When the body hears “I want to lose weight” it hears LOSE and WEIGHT. The body interprets this as a loss. But how much more enticing is a statement like, “I intend to have the thrill of feeling active on a regular basis.”

Let’s set ourselves up to thrive in 2022. I’ve put some suggested intentions below and encourage you to take some time and write down as many as you can. You don’t need to write them on a poster board to check every day. Set your intention, call it in, and close the notebook for the rest of the year. Go live your life and let your subconscious bring your intentions with ease and joy. Cheers!

Sample Intentions:

I intend to nurture my inner child by playing more and being spontaneous

My intention for 2022 is to travel more/discover new places.

I intend to develop skills for feeling my feelings in a healthy way.

I would love to increase my self care practices.

I intend to meet new people.

My intention is to say yes to more social gatherings and new opportunities.

I intend to write a book this year.

It would feel delicious to buy a home this year.

I intend to make choices that are nourishing and healthy for my body.

I want to live in alignment with my body.